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What are Flashcards?
This is a proven memorization technique.

“Flash” cards

“Flash” cards, for which the English term 'flashcards' is often used, are double-sided cards, which ask a question on one side and the answer on the other: this type of game allows for fun and engaging learning.

“Look at Mi”

The 'Look at Mi' Flash Card game is an educational tool intended for learning music. This principle promotes memorization. The huge advantage of this type of learning is that the child can also self-correct. It is complementary assistance to the methods used by music studios in private or group lessons or by individual students.

86 FLASHCARDS - English Edition

  • ● 86 high-quality cards: each generously sized card (140 x 95 cm) provides comfortable reading for effortless studying.

    ● Guaranteed waterproofness: no longer fear accidents! These cards are water resistant, ensuring their longevity even in the most intense learning conditions.

    ● Double-sided for double effectiveness: one side presents a thematic image related to the music, while the other offers a detailed description for in-depth understanding.

    ● Classified by category: for structured learning, the cards are organized into relevant categories, making navigation and memorization easier.

    ● Practical perforation: each card is perforated and can be linked with the two metal rings provided, for easy storage and use.

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