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Take your understanding of music to the next level with Musical Flash Cards from Lydiart Musique. Designed for beginning musicians, these sturdy flash cardsand waterproof go with you everywhere for continuous learning.

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Musical Memory Cards from Lydiart Music

Whether you're a music student, teacher, or enthusiast looking to expand your knowledge, this set is the perfect tool to solidify your mastery of music theory.


Why choose Musical Flash Cards from LydiArt Musique?

By choosing Musical Flash Cards from LydiArt Musique, you are choosing a powerful educational tool that supports your passion for music with commitment and efficiency.


Take advantage now of this major asset in your musical journey and see for yourself the difference in your understanding and practice of music.

Regular self-tests

With the double-sided design of these cards, you can easily test yourself and track your progress. This self-assessment method reinforces active and independent learning, essential for aspiring musicians.

Unfailing durability

These musical cards are not only an investment in your musical education; they are also designed to last. Waterproof and sturdy, they stand up to everyday use, whether at home, in the classroom or on the go.

Ideal for beginners

If you are new to the fascinating world of music, these cards are the perfect tool for you. They provide a comprehensive and accessible introduction to music theory, laying a solid foundation for your musical journey.

Improved memorization

Repetition is the key to memorization, and with these cards, revising becomes child's play. The eye-catching visuals and clear descriptions help burn musical concepts into your memory for easy, quick recall.

Ease of use

Thanks to the included metal rings, these cards are not only easy to organize, but also easy to take with you. They allow quick access and intuitive use, whether you are at home or on the go.

First Series of Cards Designed Specially for Music Beginners

Starting your musical education may seem intimidating, but LydiArt Musique Musical Flash Cards are here to make this journey exciting and accessible. This first series has been specifically developed to meet the needs and questions of beginners. Each card, with its combination of captivating images and clear descriptions, introduces the basic concepts of music theory in a simple and understandable way.

86 High Quality Cards

Each generously sized card (140 x 95 cm) provides comfortable reading for effortless studying.

Double sided for double effectiveness

One side presents a thematic image related to the music, while the other offers a detailed description for in-depth understanding.

Guaranteed waterproofness

No longer fear accidents! These cards are water resistant, ensuring their longevity even in the most intense learning conditions.

Classified by category

For structured learning, the cards are organized into relevant categories, making navigation and memorization easier.

Practical perforation

Each card is perforated and can be linked with the two metal rings provided, for easy storage and use.

Original creation by LydiArt Musique

All cards have been carefully written by the LydiArt Musique studio, guaranteeing professional and precise content.

How to Use Musical Flash Cards?

Whether you review alone or in a group, these cards are an interactive way to test your knowledge. Use the side without a description to test yourself, then check your answer with the detailed description on the back. With regular use, you will see a significant improvement in your theoretical understanding of music.

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