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About LookAtMi,
Innovative Musical
Flash Cards

Welcome to LookAtMi, the unique concept of flash cards for an interactive and educational musical experience!

Our mission

At LookAtMi, we want to make learning music theory as fun and easy as possible for you. We believe that music should be seen as a universal language that can transcend borders, barriers and enrich the world of us all.

With LookAtMi music flash cards, we are committed to providing music education, making it accessible and entertaining for all music enthusiasts, whether beginners, young, older to teachers.

Welcome to a world of enthusiasts!  

The LookAtMi team & our unique concept

LookAtMi is above all a federation of music specialists and enthusiasts. From creation to listening, every exciting step in the music business brings us together through our brand.


LookAtMi cards were created by a team of musicians, passionate musical educators and music teachers. Our passion for music led us to work on the theoretical learning of music and the practice of instruments. From our traditional teaching methods were born the concept of Interactive Flash cards, and from our desire for teaching grew the "Look at Mi" project.

Find our collections of Educational flash cards 

Our flash cards are designed to be used by all people and all levels, whether you are a curious beginner or a seasoned professional looking for new challenges.

But let's take a look at the advantages of our cards

1. Better musical memory

By regularly repeating key concepts such as intervals, chords and scales, you consolidate your musical knowledge and improve your ability to remember it. You will play an instrument with good reflexes thanks to the cards and you will naturally improve.

2. Better mastery of music theory

Music theory is the universal language of musicians, but among us, it is not so easy to learn.
If this word scares you, know that with our LookAtMi Flash cards, it's a thing of the past. You will be able to progress step by step in learning notes, rhythms and the use of different musical instruments. Through interactive games and practical examples, you will develop an understanding of music theory.

A mother and her daughter play flash card game

3. Active and engaging learning

We firmly believe that learning music should be something… stimulating! That's why our flash cards are designed to be interactive and usable by everyone. Rather than just learning from books or YouTube videos, you are involved in your own learning. You take quizzes, do exercises and practice. You also have a reward system. This Dutch-inspired educational system with the “workshop” has been proven to be the most effective.


4. Learning flexibility

Whether you only have a few minutes of free time per week, busy as a minister or you are available every day, our flash cards adapt to your schedule.

You can use them at any time and in any circumstance. Accessible learning is what we forced ourselves to design from our creation.

LookAtMi is committed to you...

At LookAtMi, user satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to offering you a user experience like our maps: Interesting and pleasant. Whether through our quality educational content or our dedicated customer service, we are determined to bring you the best that learning music has to offer.

Get started today with LookAtMi Musical Flash Cards and let the music inspire you!

  • 1. How do LookAtMi flash cards work?
    You know, LookAtMi flash cards are really cool! They are designed to make learning music super fun and easy. Each card develops a musical concept, a note or a chord, with clear and digestible explanations. You can interact with your cards with interactive exercises, quizzes, games etc... It's a great concept!
  • 2. Are LookAtMi flash cards suitable for everyone?
    Yes, absolutely! No matter your age or your level of music, LookAtMi flash cards are there to help you progress. You will definitely find interesting information on several themes.
  • 3. What topics are covered by LookAtMi flash cards?
    We have a lot of interesting topics in progress and to come: Music theory, rhythm training, music theory, music history, help with practicing an instrument. And you know what ? We are always adding new educational tools, so there is always something new to discover!
  • 4. Can children use LookAtMi flash cards?
    Of course ! Our flash cards are super accessible to children. We made sure that the content was really clear and fun, with interactive games and practical examples to share with parents. Kids will love learning music with LookAtMi!
  • 5. Can I suggest new topics for LookAtMi flashcards?
    Of course ! We are always open to suggestions from our users. If you have ideas for topics you think would be interesting for LookAtMi maps, please don't hesitate to contact us. You will find our contact form in the Footer of this page. We will respond to everyone and we will consider your ideas to improve our flash cards :)
  • 6. Est-ce que je peux utiliser les cartes flash de LookAtMi sur mon téléphone portable ?
    Nous avons voulu garder le concept le plus physique possible, car c’est le meilleur moyen de mémoriser. Notre set de carte est pratique, vous pouvez l’emporter partout avec vous. Mais restez bien connectés, la série 2 des cartes LookAtMi est en cours de développement. Nous nous actualisons régulièrement, alors remplissez notre formulaire de contact pour rester au courant de nos dernières mises à jour par mail.
  • 7. Puis-je suggérer de nouveaux sujets pour les cartes flash de LookAtMi ?
    Bien sûr ! On est toujours ouverts aux suggestions de nos utilisateurs. Si vous avez des idées de sujets que vous pensez intéressants pour les cartes LookAtMi, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter. Vous trouverez notre formulaire de contact dans le Footer de cette page. Nous répondrons à tout le monde et nous étudierons vos idées pour améliorer nos cartes flash 🙂
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